75 years tradition in production of military equipment. The company is equipped with technologies for complete production of smooth and rifled barrels in caliber range from 30 mm up to 155 mm. ZTS – ŠPECIÁL, a. s. offers manufacturing, repairs and transfer of technology.

  Production of:
  • artillery systems
  • howitzers
  • rocket launchers
  • mortars
  • medium and light combat turrets – turret system DVK-30
  • gun barrels – 30 to 155 mm
  • service, maintenance and repairs
Civilian production:
  • CNC Turning
  • Deep drilling
  • Grinding, honing
  • CNC horizontal milling
  • Welding
  • Cold forming
  • Assembly


Turret system DVK-30

One-man modular turret system with externally mounted guns, which gun system contains of 30mm automatic cannon 2A42, 7,62mm machine gun mounted coaxially with the main gun and 6 smoke grenade launchers.

  • light, compact, tested, easy to operate and maintain effective
  • firing on the move
  • high probability by first shoot
  • very accurate calculation of ballistic parameters
  • easily installable on various wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • use of combat proven weapons systems
  • ammunition and FCS providing for effective conduct of combat
  • at any weather conditions, day or night

30 mm Automatic cannon 2A42

The 30-mm automatic gun is designed for firing at:

  • light armored targets within a distance up to 1500 m
  • non-armored firing means and personnel at a distance up to 400 0 m
  • low-flying subsonic air targets up to 2000 m within a slant di stance of 2500m
  • can be fired in single shots or in burst (low or high rate of fire).

7,62mm PKT machine gun

  • Powerful automatic weapon intended for firing at ground targets, especially for destroying manpower, non-armored firing equipments and light armored targets.
  • machine gun is mounted coaxially with 30 mm automatic gun 30 mm .
  • combat rate of fire up to 250 rounds/min., effective range of fire up to 2 000m

 Smoke grenade launcher system 902V

  • System is used to launch the smoke grenades to disable observation by enemies and to surround the vehicle with smoke to be able to maneuver out of the danger area.
  • Luncher length 270 mm, tube internal diameter 81 mm

Basic Technical Data

Crew: One-man (Gunner)
Powered elevation: -4 - + 50°
Manual elevation: -4 - + 58°
Powered / Manual traverse: N x 360°
Gun / Turret stabilization: 2 axes
Main gun: 2A 42 30 mm
Coaxial machinegum: PKT 7.62 mm
Main gun ready rounds: 100 + 200 pcs. (dual feed)
Machinegun ready rounds: 1650 pcs
Smoke grenade system  6x 81 mm
Empty turrer weicht (w/o ammo): 1150 kg

ZTS - ŠPECIÁL, a. s. civilian production capabilities

CNC Turning
  • small, medium and large lathes with turning length up to 10 000 mm and maximum turning diameter ø 1 000 mm (lunette)

Deep drilling

  • deep drilling of rotating products up to maximum hole diameter ø 120 mm for workpiece length 8200 mm

Grinding and honing

  • grinding plane surfaces, grinding of rotating parts, vertical and horizontal honing, maximum diameter ø 250 mm, workpiece length 8200 mm

CNC horizontal milling

  • spindle diameter up to 130 mm for drilling, milling and recessing.


  • gas welding
  • electric arc welding
  • shielded arc welding

Cold forming
Annealing and sand blasting